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Across the Years 6 Days Finish – Final Results – Jan 3, 2016

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By the 144th hour, world record holder Ed Ettinghausen ran 481.86 miles, marking the furthest distance he’d run in six days, and breaking an American age group record.  There are hundreds of individual stories of epic endurance that occurred on the course over the past week it’s hard to condense them all into a short update. David Johnston came back after having stomach problems for 3 days, and still ran 450 miles in 5.5 days for 2nd overall. As put …

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Across The Years Day 6 – Jan 2, 2016 – The Lighter Side of Six Day running

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[mc4wp_form id=”7105″] Across The Years Day 6 – Jan 2, 2016 – The Lighter Side of Six Day running When Six Day Runners are stuck on a 1 mile loop for 144 hours, they tend to get loopy and throw in some fun on the last day.  Sure everyone is still running an ultramarathon or two on the last day, but at this point everyone is just  going through the motions, continually circling this dirt course. Some position places might …

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Across the Years Day 5 Update – Jan 1, 2016

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Day 5 update was a bit delayed while I tried to reach 200+ miles while my body still allowed me to keep moving forward. Jan 1st featured the finish of the 24 hour, 48 hour, and 72 hour races, while the Six Day runners got to keep going for 2 more days. Day 4 Photos are at http://photos.aravaiparunning.com/p91863371 Day 5 Photos are at http://photos.aravaiparunning.com/p717918943 Eileen Torres  had the standout performance of the day running 127 miles in 24 hours qualifying …

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Across the Years Day 3 and 4 Update Dec 31, 2015 – New Years Eve!

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The live results page is experiencing some technical difficulties, so this update will just be some thoughts and anecdotes observed over the last couple days.  December 31st brings the largest number of runners on the course on any day of the race. The 72 Hour, 48 Hour, and 24 hour all finish simultaneously tomorrow morning, while the Six Day runners get to endure their 4th day of torture. Today there is much excitement in the air – running a race …

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Across the Years Day 2 Update – Dec 29-30, 2015

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Day 2 of a multi day tend to eat it’s competitors to the core, and if you make it through Day 2, you’re only going to get stronger. Day 2 has eaten it’s share of athletes, while others had quite a few spectacular performances down at Cambelback Ranch in Arizona. Ice cold nights didn’t stop Ed Ettinghausen from reaching 201 miles in 48 hours, nor Debra Horn from breaking the American 48 hours Road Record in the Women’s 55-59 age …

Across The Years – Day 1 – Dec 28-29, 2015 Update

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This first update is written 20 hours into Day 1; the race is still in its infancy, but I’ll provide a short update about various things going on during the first day and night. Day 1 Across the Years Photos at http://photos.aravaiparunning.com/p425842489 Aravaipa Running, Six Days to run! Live Results and placing at Short blurb on the Six Day, because I’m too cold to write about the 24, 48, and 72 hour right now, but see live results here …