Thank you, Scout

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I often walk away from conversations with Scout deeply moved by his integrity of character. Over the last 2.5 years he has provided me and all of us at Aravaipa Running with many other takeaways: mostly lessons in dedication, hard work, integrity, passion and following your heart. Scout brought his innumerable strengths to the Aravaipa Race Directing team and while he will be leaving the team on Friday, he is leaving it significantly better than he found it.

Scout’s continued impact can be found in our transition to reusable cups, composting at the warehouse, and better recycling company-wide both at events and behind the scenes. Scout spearheaded our relationship with The Maricopa Trail & Park Foundation to sponsor a segment of the Maricopa Trail. He provided us with tools and a vast knowledge for maintaining our trails and being good stewards of the land. He sought out and found the Cycling Industry Pledge to hold Aravaipa Rides accountable to diversity, equity and inclusion in the cycling community before committing to take over as Race Director.

On top of all that, there are other more specific moments I will never forget: Scout cutting steps into the snow on the side of Kendall Mountain (backbreaking and tedious work) to make it safer for runners last year; Scout somehow managing to finish the Across the Years 100 Mile that started on the same day he was playing a significant role at San Tan Scramble and working multiple overnights (both before and during this 100); and Scout building the Rattlesnake Ranch archways for Javelina Jundred. There was rarely a project for which Scout did not have some innate talent that would leave me constantly amazed.

We are proud of Scout for following his passions even if those passions mean his departure from Aravaipa Running. He will always be a big part of our community and we wish him all the best. Scout, you will be sorely missed but your impact and lessons will remain.

This week we say goodbye to Scout as he moves on professionally from his time here with us at Aravaipa. We know parting ways is never easy, but this one really is tough. Scout is someone who probably has the most interesting and diverse background I’ve had the pleasure of working with. No matter what the topic or subject is about, Scout has either been there and has some in depth knowledge of or he has experience with.

No matter the task, Scout has something unique to offer and provide a premiere experience for the running community. From hand painting awards for the races he’s directing, to hauling over 100 pounds of water up to a remote aid station (and when I say up, I mean UP – 1.8 miles with over 1,000 feet of climbing), to whipping up food for the entire staff house at an event or coordinating trail work projects for the Maricopa Trail, Scout fills whatever role is needed.

Scout has brought an important perspective to Aravaipa and has made a lasting impact. His dedication to the outdoors, to conservation, to sustainability, to equality and diversity are all things that have become more interwoven in our company since his arrival. So I say THANK YOU Scout for your time with us and I know you’ll continue to better the world wherever you go.