My Mogollon Monster 100 Experience

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The Mogollon Monster 100 is a special race for myself and Jeremy. Saturday, September 16th would be the sixth annual racing of the Mogollon Monster in Pine, Arizona and my nerves were through the roof. This time with the anticipation of toeing the line in my first 100-mile endeavor. The course has acquired a reputation of unparalleled views and incredible single track, but also unrelenting, technical trails that will beat you down everywhere you turn – and climbing – lot’s and …

Women’s Ultra Training Program – Dead Horse Ultras Recap

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It’s not a “program”- well, it is – but it’s more than that. The Aravaipa Women’s Ultra Training Program is a community of women who for the last year have come together to train, build friendships, and explore more of their potential through ultra-running. The past 5 days have been amazing and I can’t quite get over how both iterations of the training cycles have brought together such amazing people. We spent 5 days together (after 4 months of training) …

pass mountain

Pass Mountain Trail Runs 2016

Melia Coury Race Report 2 Comments

Rays of light blew in with a cooling breeze making the desert air chilly in the early morning. The 50K runners worked their way to the start line and began just as the sun crept over the horizon. Truly poetic how their newest running journey began with the promise of a new day. The other runners experiencing the remaining distances would soon get to join. Singing Happy Birthday It just so happened that there were two runners celebrating their Birthdays …

zach bitter

Javelina Jundred 2016 Recap

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Jalloween Party It’s a running community reunion like no other. A sea of over 300 tents popped up at the Javelina Jeadquarters by Friday afternoon. The temporary city was alive with excitement for a weekend filled with running and cheer. Not to be forgotten are the costumes that could make you laugh and not intended to cause fear; for this ultra marathon race celebrates Jalloween. Who Wore It Best Since Javelina Jundred is always the weekend around Jalloween most runners …

cave creek

Cave Creek Thriller 2016 Race Report

Melia Coury Race Report 3 Comments

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” –John Ruskin. There was plenty of delicious sun to go around for everyone at Cave Creek Thriller. The weather may have been toasty as the day progressed but the warm personalities of the runner’s shined through. Whether it was discovering a new friendship, celebrating a long travel with a run or taking …


Flagstaff Sky Race Recap 2016

Melia Coury Race Report 2 Comments

Hands and feet gripping the ground saturated with rain, they are trying to discover the next sturdy tuft of grass or rock to bare some weight. Each step of progress feels satisfying until the eyes glance up the mountain with a chilling realization of just how far you have traveled. Head down and keep moving becomes the mantra. This was the scene for the runners in the Vertical K and the last climb for the 39K and 55K at the Flagstaff …

Mogollon Monster 2016 Race Recap

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Ultra Running Family Mogollon Monster is a race for the (ultra) family. The ultra community finds its strong foundation from the hearts and soles (feet variety) of each runner, volunteer, radio personal, pacer and even those following the story from twitter posts, that never seem to come fast enough. It is not often anymore that we are able to find a race that embodies so much of what we love about the ‘classic’ races of yesteryear. These races have a few …


Javelina Jangover Race Recap 2016

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Get Jungover Last night was filled with crop tops, pizza, beer, the first of two trail parties this season and oh some night running. The Javelina Jangover Night Runs is the prequel to the much larger trail running party in the desert Javelina Jundred (coming to Fountain Hills, AZ this October 29th-30th). It was a perfect night to spend some time on the Pemberton Trail in McDowell Mountain Regional Park. The crop top game was strong in all of our race distances last …

Kendall Mountain Run 2016 Race Recap

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A Race Riddled With Tradition Energetic rays of light flooded the town of Silverton this morning as nearly 300 runners towed the line of the 39th Kendall Mountain Run. As per tradition the race began in front of the Grand Imperial Hotel with the firing of a gun by Wiley Carmichael. He has ignited the race since the inaugural run 39 years ago. With the echoing bang the crowd of runners moved through the center street of town before ascending …

2016 Crown King Scramble – Recap

Hayley Pollack Race Report 5 Comments

Every race is special, but sometimes a race just has something about it which dictates that the feelings and emotions of the day will never leave you. That was what this past weekend’s Crown King Scramble was like for me. I fell in love with this race last year during a course recon with Jamil (blog post). The 2015 race was also my first solo attempt at race directing and was just about the scariest experience ever. No pressure. just …