Women’s Ultra Training Program – Dead Horse Ultras Recap

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It’s not a “program”- well, it is – but it’s more than that. The Aravaipa Women’s Ultra Training Program is a community of women who for the last year have come together to train, build friendships, and explore more of their potential through ultra-running. The past 5 days have been amazing and I can’t quite get over how both iterations of the training cycles have brought together such amazing people. We spent 5 days together (after 4 months of training) …

2016 Crown King Scramble – Recap

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Every race is special, but sometimes a race just has something about it which dictates that the feelings and emotions of the day will never leave you. That was what this past weekend’s Crown King Scramble was like for me. I fell in love with this race last year during a course recon with Jamil (blog post). The 2015 race was also my first solo attempt at race directing and was just about the scariest experience ever. No pressure. just …

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Women’s Training Program – Update

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It was a new venture; one in which I was unsure of the outcome. Hosting races is Aravaipa’s business model, creating a premier women’s only training program was, previously, not. However, I had the passion and the right companies to help guide me on this journey. Jamil and Aravaipa have given me the platform, Oiselle has given me the guidance and inspiration, and Alicia Shay has given her time, energy and education to help make this a reality. This past weekend …