IT’S PARTY TIME! – Days Away From Starting Cocodona 250

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Guest Post by Shelby Farrell | Follow her Cocodona 250 training journey at @shelbzzf &

The work is done. It’s time to play. All of the energy you’ve put into the past however many weeks of Cocodona 250 training now gets to be unleashed. Let it ROAR! It’s a powerful feeling. Yes, there are more unknowns than known at this point. Especially for me and others that are new to this distance. Get ready to dance with them. I know I am. I’m going to keep this blog short because the taper crazies are for real.

Shelby Farrell ready for battle in Arizona after a solid Cocodona 250 training block in her home trails outside of Los Angeles.

It’s a week of trying to leave my work, my apartment, and my cat wrapped up with a shiny bow on top so I can peace out into the Arizona wilderness for a week. What is the moment when I TRULY know I’m race ready? After the final cut of the toenails and a fresh coat of fingernail lacquer– which I anticipate happening Friday night from a campsite halfway between Los Angeles and Black Canyon City. Ooh and hopefully those metallic temporary tattoos arrive in time, because like I said, it’s party time!

There actually is no singular part of the course that I am looking the most forward to. It’s all going to be magical. The Downtown Flagstaff finish will be an exquisite celebration though. We’ll have recently climbed the highest point of the race, Mt. Elden, at one point enduring a lovely 2K’ gain of elevation over 2 miles– followed by a marvelous eight miles of descent into Heritage Square. (PS. Def don’t forget to watch that Race Brief, loads of valuable info in there!)

Scenes from the Cocodona 250 course among the ponderosa pines in the Flagstaff area, not far from the finish line. PHOTO: Jubilee Paige.

May your final days of race preparation be as chill as they may possibly be. Be sure to tune into Aravaipa’s live race coverage starting on May 3rd and I look forward to seeing ya on course!

About the author/athlete: Shelby is HYPED to meet some of you in AZ in a few days! Please say, “Hi!” Let’s share some miles together!!! Follow her on Instagram @shelbzzf and subscribe to her YouTube channel because, why not?! @shelbzzf |

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