100 Km & 50 Mile Spring Track Invitational – Phoenix, Arizona

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100 Km & 50 Mile Spring Track Invitational – Phoenix, Arizona

Aravaipa Running is seeking ultra marathon runners to compete in a 100 kilometer / 50 mile track race at Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona. The race will take place on the same 400 meter all weather track that is used at the Desert Solstice 24 hour / 100 mile invitational in December except geared towards top performances at the 50 mile and 100 kilometer distance. This event will only happen if we get enough serious interest by competitive athletes. We need a minimum 12 to 15 qualified runners in order for this event to take place. The deadline for applying and receiving enough interest for the race to happen will be Saturday, January 25. If we don’t receive enough interest by that date, the event will be postponed until next year.

If you are serious about wanting to run a competitive and fast 100 km or 50 mile race on ideal conditions, please inquire to: jamil@aravaiparunning.com

Confirmed Runners as of 1/21/2014:
Sage Canaday
Zach Bitter
Ford Smith
Amy Halseth
Kristina Pham

When: Sunday, February 23, 2014, 8:00am

What: 50 Mile & 100 Kilometer track race

Cutoff: 8 Hours 40 Minutes

Why: Qualifier for the U.S. world 100K team, ideal conditions to run a certified course for record setting.

Who: Submit race resume for invitation. Generally qualify to participate.

Qualifications: Same as the US World 100K Team or potential to hit these numbers
-Road 100km: Sub 7:20:00 (Men) or Sub 8:40:00 (Women)
-Road 50 Mile: Sub 5:40:00 (Men) or Sub 6:40:00 (Women)
-Trail times will be considered on a case by case basis.

Record Setting: The race will be USATF sanctioned, run on a certified track and IAU Bronze Label. Aravaipa Running will submit paperwork to USATF and/or IAU for all national and world records set at the race.

Entry Fee: $120

Prize Money: Goes to the first runner who hits each mark. Runners may receive prize money for 50 mile & 100 kilometers.

Men’s 50 Mile
Sub 4:50:21 (World Record ) – $1000
Sub 5:00:00 – $400
Sub 5:10:00 – $200

Men’s 100 Kilometer
Sub 6:10:20 (World Record) – $2000
Sub 6:30:11 – $400
Sub 6:40:00 – $200

Women’s 50 Mile
Sub 5:40:18 (World Record) – $1000
Sub 5:50:00 – $400
Sub 6:00:00 – $200

Women’s 100 Kilometer
Sub 6:33:11 (World Record) – $2000
Sub 7:00:48 – $400
Sub 7:30:00 – $200

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