Michael Versteeg

Michael Versteeg, Silverton Alpine Marathon, Male Champion 2016

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Michael Versteeg Melia Coury: Alright, I’m Melia Coury sitting here with Michael Versteeg, the Whiskey Man and you just won the Silverton Alpine Marathon. Michael Versteeg: Oh yeah, I did. Melia: Yeah, that happened today. Versteeg: Yep, it was fun. It’s been a long week but I’m glad I did it. M: Well you did run the Silverton 1000 this week. V: Well I didn’t run all 1000. M: True, but you did run 100. V: Yeah I ran 100 …

Cari Kimball

Cari Kimball, Silverton Alpine Marathon, Female Champion 2016

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Cari Kimball Melia: I’m Melia Coury here with Cari Kimball and she won our Silverton Alpine Marathon today, congratulations. Cari: Thank you so much. M: So how was it for you out there? Did you have any struggling moments or were you just conquering the mountain the whole time? C: I don’t know if conquering would be the right word, but um, it was a really good day. The climbs are pretty steep and good but for the most part …

Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50K 2013

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Heading over to Memorial Park on race morning of this year’s Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50K, I was hit with a few drops of rain. The skies were cloudy and dark in the pre-dawn hours leaving me wondering what the runners would be in for during the race. As darkness gave way to light as runners checked in and prepped for the day’s event, the skies looked ominous, but were holding out. Nineteen 50K runners took off at 7am for …