2017/2018 Across The Years – Final Results

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What a night; what a race! The 2017/2018 Across The Years is in the books! 8 National Records, 1 World Best Performance and 1 course record plus many more personal bests and goals met. Thank you to everyone who helps make this event so special: Runners, Crew, Volunteers and Spectators!

Annabel Hepworth

Ed Ettinghausen could be seen sprinting around the course this morning on a mission. Not just to increase his lead, or secure his 3,000th mile but to surpass Don Winkley’s USATF Men’s Road 55-59 record – previously 450 miles; now the distinction goes to Ed with 455.85 miles.

Kenneth Arble reached his goal of 325 miles and carried on to reach 350 and putting him ahead of Bill Heldenbrand for 4th place male in the 6-day.

Jeff Russell in the 72-hour overtook Sean Gavor for 2nd place with 177.41 miles. Thomas Jackson got his Spartathlon qualifier + quite a bit more for the win in the 48-hour with 192.10 miles. Susan Kokesh displaced Misty Alessandri in the women’s 48-hour for 3rd place with 141.71 miles.

Annabel Hepworth ended her 144-hour as the top woman and 3rd overall with 393.66 miles.

Scott Burton achieves a 3-year goal of finally reaching 300 miles during the 6-day at Across The Years.

Records Achieved (This list is not totally exhaustive as I often find hidden gems in the results once I’ve gone over them with a fine-tooth comb and they are also not official until the aforementioned has happened and all calculations have been triple-checked!)

144 Hour

  • Ed Ettinghausen – USATF Men’s Road 55-59: 455.85 Miles
  • Bill Heldenbrand – USATF Men’s Road 70-74: 345.47 Miles
  • Ila Brandli – USATF Women’s Road 70-74: 232 Miles

72 Hour

  • Dave Proctor – Canadian Men’s Open: 309.66 miles

48 Hour

  • Dave Proctor – Canadian Men’s Open: 223 miles
  • Jeff Hagen – IAU World Best Performance Men’s 70-74: 170.47 miles
  • Ila Brandli – USATF Women’s Road 70-74: 94.47 miles

24 Hour

  • Pamela Chapman-Markle – USATF Women’s Road 60-64: 109.17 miles
  • Adela Salt – Women’s Camelback Ranch Course Record (not event record): 129.12 miles

Dave Proctor

Lifetime Mileage Update for those runners who reached a 1,000th milestone this year:

4,000 Lifetime Miles

  • John Geesler
  • Martina Hausmann

3,000 Lifetime Miles

  • Ed Ettinghausen

2,000 Lifetime Miles

  • Karsten Solheim

1,000 Lifetime Miles

  • Eric Poulsen
  • Yolanda Holder
  • Liz Bauer
  • Claudia Newsom
  • Vanessa Jones
  • Jill Hudson
  • Karen Vollan
  • Mike Melton
  • Bill Heldenbrand
  • Frederick Davis III
  • Bobby Keogh
  • Matthew Watts

Karsten Solheim

24-Hour Podium


  1. Adela Salt – 129.12 Miles
  2. Chavet Breslin – 114.42 Miles
  3. Pamela Chapman-Markle – 109.17 Miles


  • Florian Nattero – 116.52 Miles
  • Vlad Henzl – 112.32 Miles
  • Marko Heinila / Shane Mascarin – 103.92 Miles

48-Hour Podium


  1. Dennene Huntley – 153.26 Miles
  2. Jill Hudson – 148.01 Miles
  3. Susan Kokesh – 141.71 Miles


  1. Thomas Jackson – 192.10 Miles
  2. John Maroushek – 186.86 Miles
  3. Jeff Hagen – 170.47 Miles

72-Hour Podium


  1. Amy Mower – 220.45 Miles
  2. Melissa Soper – 200.50 Miles
  3. Karen Bonnett-Natraj – 156.41 Miles


  1. Scott Thompson – 212.05 Miles
  2. Jeff Russell – 177.41 Miles
  3. Sean Gavor – 174.26 Miles

144-Hour Podium


  1. Annabel Hepworth – 393.66 Miles
  2. Edda Bauer – 336.97 Miles
  3. Martina Hausmann – 327.53 Miles


  1. Ed Ettinghausen – 455.85 Miles
  2. Iso Yucra – 405.21 Miles
  3. Dave Proctor – 373.72 Miles

Can’t wait to see everyone next year for the 2018/2019 Across The Years (December 28-January 3)! The countdown begins now!

Abbey Hendricks

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  1. My son Jerry Gardner couldn’t make the race this year but I’m sure he’ll be there when the next one rolls around. Looks like you had lots of fun.

  2. It’s been an honor to be around so many inspiring people at this event! Big kudos to the runners but also big kudos to Aravaipa for putting on such a world class event and all the staff too! The Running University has been honored to take the volunteer shift over the 24 hour New Year’s Eve time and we hope to keep doing this! No better place to be on New Year’s Eve! Congrats to all! 😉

  3. It was a fun time. I was glad to represent the disability community in the 24 hour race by showing others with autism and intellectual disabilities that anyone can run an over 50 mile race or walk one if they put their minds to it. I did it without really any training besides smaller races and marathons leading up to this. I don’t know if I may be one of the first Special Olympians to complete this race but I hope I am not the last one either. It was thanks to others encouragement including Ila for motivating me to try and do this race and I plan to be back next time around and maybe do the 48 hour race with a goal of maybe completing a 100K and if I can do more than that cool but that will be my next goal after reaching my 50 mile goal when I did it for 2017-2018 as I ran/walked 52.48 miles and it was the longest I ever ran/walked, my first time doing a 24 hour race, first 50K I ever finished, and lots of firsts. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and for cheering me on out there and for all the people that make this race possible.

  4. A great experience. Hats off to all involved in the organization and execution of this event. To paraphrase the comment by Harold Abrahams to his trainer/coach Sam Mussabini in the movie “Chariots of Fire” (highly recommended), “the Across the Years team is the finest group of people to ever organize and deliver a running event”. Congratulations!

  5. This is an amazing event, run by fantastic race directors, and showcasing phenomenal runners! I hope to be back there this year to share in the joy of running! Keep moving forward!

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