2017/2018 Across The Years – Day 5.5

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Photos by Jubilee Paige

Last in-competition update for Across the Years! 5.5 days of the race are complete and the course is mostly 6-day runners with a mix of determination, zombie-state forward motion, and a few extra-motivated shuffle-runners. It’s one of the most inspiring nights to be out at Camelback Ranch.

Ed Ettinghausen is at 420.96 miles and will win the 6-day with that total but still needs 19 more miles for his 3,000th lifetime mile. Iso Yucra is one of the aforementioned shuffle-runners and has been moving really well the last few hours. He is now only 4 miles from surpassing Dave Proctor for 2nd place with 369.52 miles and he has re-gained 3rd overall from Annabel Hepworth. Dave Proctor, even with 2 days off the course should take home 3rd place. Bill Heldenbrand has 327.53 miles but will need to keep moving to stave off the hard-charging Kenneth Arble who is now 5th male with 322 miles. However, Bill is just 3 laps away from the USATF Men’s Road 70-74 144-hour record with many hours to add more miles.

Ed Ettinghausen

Annabel Hepworth has the women’s 6-day win locked down with her current total of 367.42 miles. She hasn’t been putting in a ton of laps this evening but her closest rival is Edda Bauer in 2nd with 309.68 miles. Martina Hausmann has just 4 laps to go until she hits 4,000 lifetime miles. Depending on if Edda sleeps tonight, Martina may even challenge for that 2nd place spot as she’s just 8 laps behind Edda. Ila Brandli officially locks down the 2nd best 6-day performance of US 70-74 women in as she’s now at 219.4 miles (and, as mentioned in an earlier update, will get the USATF Women’s Road 70-74 144-hour record).

Martina Hausmann

In the 48-hour Thomas Jackson has 158.51 miles with his goal of at least 170 and only needs 3 laps to overtake 3rd place. In the 72-hour Sarah Oliver has 134.37 miles and is still on course and would need 22 miles to move onto the women’s podium and will be one to watch to see what happens overnight. Jeff Russell is running excited with the possibility of moving onto the podium of the 72-hour and has his sights set on 2nd place. Jeff is at 154 miles and would need 20 more miles for that 2nd place finish (he’s 6 miles from 3rd place currently).

The 2017/2018 Across The Years finishes tomorrow morning, January 3rd, at 9am MST. An award ceremony will be held at the main baseball stadium inside Camelback Ranch at 11am MST. Final standings and photos from the ceremony will close out these updates!

Edda Bauer


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