AUGUST 24-30, 2020

54K | 27K | 18K| 9K | 5K



Welcome to the virtual race that threatens the idea of 'a night on the town!' Sinister Virtual Night Run is the fifth night in the Virtual Insomniac Series and allows runners to chance to create a night race that is alarmingly fun! Have you had a chance to run that 5K with your family this summer? Choose one of five distances offered or take the ultra challenge and run all distances for the Sinister Dawn Breaker 113K (details below)

Seize the opportunity to connect your friends and family from across the nation and across the world with a 'dark' adventure around your block! Make it a game or surprise your neighborhood watch! However you stay motivated to endure the night, connect with a community through a summer of virtual night runs!

The Sinister Virtual Night Run is part of the Virtual Insomniac Series, challenging runners from around the world to come to come together and shed a little light into the night. Join a community of runners and experience an adventure made possible through online social sharing. Take photos, make videos, explore your cities, and share your stories of motivation, inspiration, and triumph with us and with each other. Be a menace to the dark and shine bright this August! 



The Sinister Virtual Night Run is inspired by the annual Sinister Night Runs hosted in the San Tan Mountain Regional Park in Queen Creek, Arizona. We love our regional parks and want to continue to support them.

To help promote one of our favorite Maricopa Parks, we are offering all participants a glimpse of the Sinister race courses through our new interactive video venture; an Insomniac Trail Series simulation designed to takes viewers on a virtual tour of the park. These virtual run videos allow participants to run along with our hosts as they feature each distance offered in the Sinister Night Race lineup. Watch as you put in miles at home on the treadmill or view for inspiration before your own night adventure!

To further our commitment to our local parks, a portion of each entry will be donated directly to the Maricopa Parks & Recreation Department to help offset the loss of revenue experienced by the park due to cancelled events. Become a virtual steward of the trails and help us in our efforts to  proudly support our parks. 




EVENT DATE: AUGUST 24-30, 2020

Register by AUGUST 10, and join our team to run the Sinister Virtual Night Run any time between AUGUST 24-30. This allows runners and families flexibility to run when it is most convenient for them. We will share runner posts and stories on our main social media pages throughout the week!




Wherever you choose to run your race, make sure to track it! You can track your run by using a variety of apps on your smartphone like Strava or MapMyRun.  You can also use a GPS watch, or take a photo of a treadmill monitor. 



You're invited! Join us Saturday night, August 29th, for another Summer Insomniac Party Stream! Get pumped and join a party of online hosts and a virtual DJ that will keep you moving through the night! Tune in and take the party with you on your adventure or  celebrate with us and join in for some post-run fun!


Social networking FTW! When you complete your run, email us your GPS track or photo of your stats. We'll post your result online and send you all the virtual hugs, high-fives and kudos that go along with crossing that finish line! 

Plus share your run adventure with  us via social media by tagging us @AravaipaRunning #AravaipaInsomniac

We'll repost your stories and let others applaud your efforts too! Runners will have until AUGUST 30 to submit their results via email. 



We've partnered with two of our favorite vendors to help support local business and properly celebrate your achievements! Vibe high with the Freaky Fam and the firey goodness of a perfect pre or post-run pizza! Bring your bib to Freak Brother's Pizza at the Churchill here in Phoenix and receive $3 off your pizza during race week! 


Perfect to pair with your pizza, HUSS Brewing is keeping our beer garden shenanigans alive! Show off your bib at either of the HUSS taprooms and receive $2 off any six pack! HUSS will then donate $2 from each sale to the Maricopa Trail + Park Foundation, that is dedicated to protecting, promoting, developing, and maintaining one of the nation's largest county park systems.  Drink a beer, support the parks, and cheers to your adventure!  

Seize the Night! Check out the full Insomniac Series for a summer-long challenge to beat the heat and keep you moving! 

Race Packet

All participants in the Sinister Virtual Night Run will receive a race packet via mail. Runners will receive a Sinister headwrap,  runner bib, sticker and custom Aravaipa Artworx finisher Medal. Registration includes all domestic shipping fees. Additional fees for international shipping.

Race Bib



Finisher Medal

Make It A Double


If you're looking for some extra miles this summer, take advantage of our summer double down "Run & Ride." Runners have an option to add a three hour or six hour bike ride to their insomniac adventure upon registration! It's a chance for some extra bling and an opportunity to shake up your summer routine.

Dawn Breaker


THE SINISTER DAWN BREAKER 113K CHALLENGEFor the endurance fanatics who claim they can go all night long, we issue you a challenge that will crown you a true insomniac and earn you the Sinister Dawn Breaker Buckle. Run each distance throughout the week (one per night) or combine all distances to run 113K in one night! Opt in during registration. Will you take the challenge?

A Series Possessed


For runners who want to tackle an ULTRA summer, we've designed a Dawn Breaker Series challenge that inspires the truly run possessed! Commit to all distances, in all six races, and earn all six buckles for a total of 731K's of summer (that's 453 miles in four months)! The Possessed Pass includes a personalized Possessed Buckle Display to showcase your insanity. All awards are designed and crafted by Aravaipa Artworx. Test your level of sanity this summer--how far will you go?

Enter At Your Own Risk

Artworx After Hours

Additional goodies are available for purchase as add-ons to your race packet. These items are designed and created by our Aravaipa Artworx team and purchases of these items directly support our staff.



Racing Singlet


Series Headwrap


Dawn Breaker Buckle



Item Price
Virtual Race (Any Distance) $39*
Dawn Breaker Challenge Buckle +$25
Upgraded Premium Award $15
Virtual Ride (Double Down) +$10
Race Hat $25
Racing Singlet $20
Series Headwrap $10
Holographic 5x5 Die-Cut Sticker $6

Late Night Bling



All participants in the Sinister Virtual Night Run will receive a custom finisher medal designed and created by our Aravaipa Artworx Team.



Runners have the option to upgrade to a premium finisher award that is larger and designed to be displayed on a shelf or table top, replacing the base packet finisher medal.



The top three men and top three women in each distance will also be mailed podium awards designed and created by Aravaipa Artworx.



Q: Do I have to run or ride at night? What if I can't or I don't feel comfortable running after dark?
While we encourage all participants to venture out and experience the magic of running or riding at night, you are not required to run a night. If you want to run a short 5K during sunset, great! If you can beat the heat with a pre-dawn run, awesome! However, you are not required to only run at night. Please run safe and at a comfort level that is best for you.

Q: Can I combine runs for a selected distance? All runners must complete their selected distance in one continuous run. The Dawnbreaker Challenge being the one exception.

Q: How does the Double Down option work? The Double Down add-on is a fun challenge for those of you who like to run and bike! You can choose any distance for either discipline.

Q: Results? I'm ready to upload my results. Help! When you have finished your run or ride, head to the website for the Virtual race and follow the steps. Please record your runs & rides as "Race" if you're using the Strava app. You will be asked for your Order number during the submittal so please have this handy.
For those completing the Dawnbreaker Challenge: Submit all of your races at one time with each of the links.

Dawnbreaker Challenge: I'm doing the Dawnbreaker Challenge Run. Can I run this as a continuous run? Yes! You could either run each of the distances as their own "race" or combine them into one big run. With this Challenge, you may enter in results for each race distance if you complete them separately.

Dawnbreaker 100 Mile Ride: This challenge asks you to complete a 100 mile ride continuously. You may use this 100 mile ride to also complete your 3 hour ride and 6 hour ride (if applicable).

Podium Details: You are awarded one podium spot per race entry paid. If you place on the podium in multiple distances but are eligible for one award, you will be awarded to the highest placing first (if you finish 2nd & 3rd, we will place you in 2nd for that distance) and if those are the same, it will go to the longest race distance completed. If you are doing the Dawnbreaker Challenge, you may enter in results for all five race distances plus the Dawnbreaker 106K. However, the rule remains that you may only win a podium award in one distance per entry.

Can I change distances? Runners may change their distance any time, no need to notify us. Simply submit results for the distance you run. For example, if you run a 5K and want to keep going to the next distance,  you can finish a 10K and submit that result.