Sonoran Desert 200

So, you just ran 100 miles at the Javelina Jundred

and are now the proud owner of this sweet, sweet buckle
(not to mention a few blisters and a blackened toe nail):

Phoot: Larry Kline

Photo: Larry Kline

If you were really FAST your buckle looks like this (but you already know that):

Close Up JJ 24 Buckle

Photo: John Vaupel

Now that your all day, all night running Jangover is starting to subside, all the memories of struggle, pain, hunger, thirst and general misery are all becoming a bit softer…. replaced by enhanced feelings of euphoria and good times.

The spectacular sunrise, that oddly cool cactus towering over the trail or the howling of coyotes in the night. The feeling of withdrawal aren’t far behind. Is it really 12 long months until the next romp and party in the desert?

Don’t fear, we have a prescription to ease your discomfort and pain of waiting an entire year to run around the desert for 100 miles with all your friends. May we introduce the Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile Endurance Run:

Coldwater New Logo 2014

Ok, so the name is kinda weird and there is a bull, so what? Well if you love the Javelina Jundred but can stand turning the thermostat down, this race is for you. Still want the party atmosphere, fully stocked aid stations, incredible desert scenery and a kick ass bull buckle, join us on January 20-21, 2018 for the next great ultra running party trail race. Wait a minute, did you say BULL BUCKLE?

Yup, behold…

CR Buckles

So how is the Coldwater Rumble course? Five 20 mile loops winding through the foothills of the mighty Sierra Estrella Mountains, one of the most rugged, bad-ass ranges in all of Arizona. Don’t worry, the course stays down low in the rolling hills, so you can just take in the rugged beauty of the Estrellas from afar. This year we’ll have washing-machine style loops just like Javelina so you’ll be able to high five your friends the whole way.

Elevation profile of each 20 mile loop

Elevation profile of each 20 mile loop

A few photos of the scenery on course to wet the appetite:

394967_10151332376088808_375035850_n 424567_10151332387373808_359661541_n 14922_10151332367778808_300130894_n 21986_10151332388898808_1213036790_n 582590_10151332370043808_69882721_n 304173_10151332388673808_852663179_n
318067_10151332375533808_62090820_n 321398_10151332388103808_759832990_n 14883_10151332367388808_1263585764_n

And some shots from the 2011 INAUGURAL race!

CR 100 MileCR 100 Mile 2 CR 100 Mile 4

To cap off these two great races, we’ll be offering an award for completing both races this winter season. If you completed the 2017 Javelina 100 Mile OR 100 Km AND you finish the 2018 Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile you will receive the Sonoran Desert 200 glass growler!

Sonoran Desert Beer Growler 600h

CR 100 Mile 3

Don’t worry, for those of you who received this buckle last weekend, you aren’t out of the running yet!

Close Up JJ 100K Buckle

We’ve created a separate division for those of you who have completed the Javelina 100K and will be completing the Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile!

The Sonoran Desert 200 will have two categories:

Javelina 100 Mile + Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile 

Javelina 100 Km + Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile

2013-14 Sonoran Desert 200 Results

2014-15 Sonoran Desert 200 Results

2015-16 Sonoran Desert 200 Results

Finish times will be posted based upon your combined finish times of these two events!

Register for the 2017 Coldwater Rumble 100 now

Save $25 if you register with the code “SONORAN200”

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