August 28 - 29, 2021
24 Hour | 12 Hour | 6 Hour
Buckeye, AZ

Back and hotter than ever, Hotfoot Hamster returns to Nardini Manor 2021! We are happy to announce that we will host the Nardini series this Fall starting in August!

Test your endurance and see how far you can run in 6 hours,  12 hours,  or 24 hours at the ideal flat and fast custom built gravel running track at the historic Nardini Manor. This is one of three chances this year to participate in a running event on this unique ultra runner built course!

We'll have a fully stocked aid station directly on course and you can setup trackside for ultimate convenience.

The USATF Certified 500 meter course is perfect for your first ultra or for a personal best. The Hotfoot Hamster is a classic fixed time ultra that is sure to be a fun time with new friends.

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What is the Hotfoot Hamster?



Nardini Manor
5601 S 195th Ave
Buckeye, AZ 85326

Start Times

7:00 AM - 24 Hour | 12 Hour  | 6 Hour Morning Start
1:00 PM -  6 Hour Day Start
7:00 PM - 12 & 6 Hour Night Starts
1:00 AM - 6 Hour Insomniac Start

Course Summary

The course is a flat crushed gravel loop that winds is way around the grounds of century-old manor. Join us for hot feet and all the miles you can handle!

WeatherTrue to the name, expect HOT conditions during the day with average temperatures typically over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with slightly cooler night-time temperatures in the 80s. Please be prepared for hot, exposed conditions during the day. We will have plenty of ice and water but highly recommend that you bring clothing that protects you from the sun.

Packet Pickup

Saturday, August 28th (Race Day Pickup)
Race Day Pickup 6:00 AM

Nardini Manor
5601 S 195th Ave
Buckeye, AZ 85326

Aid Station

There will be one aid station located along the course that runners will pass by every loop. The aid station will be stocked with water, ice, electrolyte drinks, salty and sweet snacks, fruit, pb&j, bean rollups, hot food (quesadillas, grilled cheese),  and more.

Crews & Pacers

There is NO pacing allowed at the event. Crew is welcome to setup along the course in designated areas to help assist their runner.

VolunteersIf you would like to join our volunteer team, we are looking for help with event setup, aid station, and event breakdown. Volunteer perks include a piece of Aravaipa merchandise or race goody and Aravaipa Race Credits. You can see our current opportunities and signup here: Hotfoot Hamster Volunteer Form.

The Nardini Series

Become a fixed-time master with three opportunities to push beyond your limits on the 500 meter track at Nardini Manor!

Warm up with the hottest fixed-time race starting in August with the Hotfoot Hamster 24 Hour.

Vibe and party all night with miles of shenanigans at the Jackrabbit Jubilee 12 Hour in September.

And celebrate a family fixed-time pre Thanksgiving at the Fat Ox 48 Hour.

Do all three and piece together a treasure token reserved for those who tread thrice at Nardini!

Register early for the series that leads to the biggest New Year's celebration in fixed-time racing, Across the Years, and save by choosing one of the six series options below (taxes included).


Until 8/24
THE NARDINI FIXED-TIME GRAND SLAM Hotfoot Hamster 24H/Jackrabbit Jubilee 12H/Fat Ox 48H/Across the Years 6Day (4 Events) $1038.35
NARDINI ULTRA SERIES Hotfoot Hamster 24H/Jackrabbit Jubilee 12H/Fat Ox 48H/ATY 72H (4 Events) $737.78
NARDINI EVOLUTION SERIES Hotfoot Hamster 6H/Jackrabbit Jubilee 12H/Fat Ox 24H/ATY 48H (4 Events) $535.57
NARDINI TRIPLE CROWN Hotfoot Hamster 24H/Jackrabbit Jubilee 12H/Fat Ox 48H (3 Events) $450.59
NARDINI DOUBLE DOUBLE Hotfoot Hamster 6H/Jackrabbit Jubilee 12H/Fat Ox 24H (3 Events) $315.88

THE NARDINI FIXED-TIME GRAND SLAM: A challenge for fixed-time legends! Go for Gold by building up to the best fixed-time party of the year at Across the Years! Set goals for each race and push yourself beyond ultra and into history by taking on a year of racing in circles. Grand Slam runners who achieve an accumulative 500 miles in the series earns a custom buckle awarded at the conclusion of the ATY 6 Day. Who will take the challenge?

NARDINI ULTRA SERIES: Run with the big dogs and take on the longest fixed time options at each race: 24/12/48 and put your training to the test with three days at Across the Years! There's some bling for big miles at each race this year!

NARDINI EVOLUTION SERIES: Level up to ATY! Find your strength, hone your skills, and champion a new and longer distance each time with a 6/12/24 Hour at Nardini. Then celebrate your year by finishing with 48 Hours at Across the Years! Do you see a buckle in 2020?

NARDINI TRIPLE CROWN: Elevate your goals and push yourself to the limit at each of the three Nardini races: 24 hours at Hotfoot, 12 hours at Jackrabbit and 48 at the Ox! Find out what you're made of in 2020!

NARDINI DOUBLE DOUBLE: New to fixed time racing? Dip your toes into fixed-time fun with 6Hours at the Hotfoot Hamster! Then double it at Jackrabbit and double it once more at the Fat Ox! 6/12/24 Hours of racing will grant you pro-status at Nardini!

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Race Perks

  • Gender specific cut race shirt
  • Chip timed race results
  • USATF Certified Course
  • Well stocked aid station
  • Finisher Award (custom race buckle for 100 Mile +)
  • Hamster High Jinx


Entrant Limit

100 Runners

Field size is extremely limited due to the width and size of the course. We will not make exceptions over the 100-person total limit.

Registration Options

Online registration closes on 8/24 at 11:59 PM. If spots are available, registration will be available at packet pickup and on race day.

Entry Fees*
Until 4/24 Until 8/24 Race Week
24 Hour $163.95 $185.81 $218.60
12 Hour $131.16 $153.02 $174.88
6 Hour $76.51 $98.37 $120.23
Add Jackrabbit 12hr + $118.04 + $118.04 + $118.04
Add Jackrabbit 6hr + $68.86 + $68.86 + $68.86
Add Fat Ox 48hr + $211.50 + $211.50 + $211.50
Add Fat Ox 24hr + $147.56 + $147.56 + $147.56
*Prices include Arizona State, Maricopa County & City of Buckeye Amusement Tax

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Race Day Tracking

Your time and distance for each completed lap will be recorded automatically using a timing chip on the back of your bib. Please do not bend or fold your bib across the chip as this may alter your results. Up-to-date lap totals will be displayed on a TV screen, and will be broadcast to the race website as often as possible. Invite your friends to watch your progress online during your run.

Please make sure to wear your bib at all times as you run the track.  Note that laps will not be recovered by timing if a runner forgets their bib.

Course Records

24 Hour
Men: 149.13 Miles – Yiannis Kouros (’05) | Women: 130.49 Miles – Stephanie Ehret (’03)

12 Hour
Men: 80.55  Miles – Jacob Jackson (’19) | Women: 69.28 Miles – Kristina Pham (’17)

6 Hour
Men: 50.07 Miles – Nick Coury (’19) | Women: 35.46 Miles – Angela Greynolds (’19)

Previous Results
2020 | Canceled
2019 | Results
2018 | 24 Hour | 12 Hour | 6 Hour
2017 | 24 Hour | 12 Hour
2010 | 12 Hour
2005 | 12 Hour
2004 | 12 Hour


Race Day Schedule

Please arrive early to park, check in and warm up prior to your run. Restroom facilities are located along the course just west of the start/finish area.

5:33 AM - Begin civil twilight
6:00 AM - Sunrise
6:00 AM - Packet pickup/race day registration begin
7:00 AM - 24/12/6 Hour Morning Starts 
1:00 PM - 6 Hour Start/End
5:00 PM - Lil' Ham Fun Run: FREE Kid's 500 Meter Dash 
6:58 PM - Sunset
7:00 PM - 12 Hour Start/End & 6 Hour Start/End
8:00 PM - End civil twilight 
1:00 AM - 6 Hour Start/End (Lat Option to Start)
5:33 Am - Begin civil twilight
6:00 Am - Sunrise
7:00 Am - All races end


Nardini Manor is a century-old country estate situated on five and a half acres of land that includes a maze and a custom-built running path. The property is located in an area of farmland, just South of I-10 in Buckeye, Arizona.

Nardini Manor's owner Rodger Wrublik, a local ultrarunner and instrumental in Aravaipa Running's history, custom built the running path in 2003 for use around the perimeter of the property.

The Aid Station tent will be easily accessible right on the course. The timing tent will be just West of the Aid Station with timing mats that you must cross each loop. You can setup your own tent in front of the manor for no charge.


Top three male and female performances will be awarded in the 24 hr, 12hr, & 6hr races. Masters awards will also be given to the top man and woman in the 24 hour race. (No double dipping).

PLUS! All participants will be eligible for these additional awards:

+Hamster Happy Hour: 'Spirit' award for the happiest hamster on the track--keep the energy & encourage your fellow runners!

+The "Hot Wheels" Award: Fastest lap--open to all participants! Winners (one male and one female) will be announced at the conclusion of the race.

+The Helpful Hamster Award: Open to all volunteers during the event. Awarded at the race director's discretion, the Helpful Hamster is awarded to one volunteer each year for service above and beyond!


Parking will be free and available onsite. Runners will enter the property from Jackrabbit Road through the main gates.  (Please do not drive on the canal service road). Drive slow coming into the main entrance as vehicles cross the race course. Vehicles will be accessible from the race course. Please remember to return to the course where you left it to continue on your loop.

Drop Bags

We will have an area specified for your personal drop bag along the course that will allow for easy and quick access.

Course Marking / Lighting

The course will be easy to follow with cones and flagging to ensure you stay on the correct path. Additionally, at the night, the entire course will be lit so there is no need for a headlamp.


We are excited to offer several camping and tent rental options at the 2021 Hotfoot Hamster.

The camping area opens Saturday morning for camping setup. Tent and cot rentals will be available easily accessible from the course. You may reserve a tent and/or cot when you register for the race.

All rentals will be setup when you arrive. You may check in to receive your tent Saturday morning. Tents will reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Small Tent – $27.33– These are 7 feet by 7 feet, a simple two person camping tent that is tall enough to sit up in, but not to stand. Cot rentals are not available for small tents.

Large Tent – $54.65 – These are 8 feet by 12 feet and are large enough to stand up in (for most people) and may also fit two cot rentals.

Large Tent + 1 Cot – $81.97

Large Tent + 2 Cots – $109.30

Rules and Etiquette

A pre-race meeting will take place 10 minutes before each event. At the start, you will begin circling the trail clockwise. Thereafter, you will change direction every three hours (at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM etc).

You may leave the course at any time. If and when you decide to continue, you must return to the course at the exact same place you left it, and complete the lap you were on when you stepped off the track, in the same direction as you were going, regardless of the direction other runners are moving when you return. This ensures that you are credited with the correct number of laps.

There are no DNFs in any of the multi-day runs and no drop-downs allowed. The objective in the multi-day runs is only to go as far as you can (or desire) in the allotted time. Of course, the more time you spend moving forward, the more distance you will accumulate.

If you wish to stop completely before the official end of your race, inform the race director or timing personnel, that you are quitting or leaving early and remember to turn in your chip!

An awards ceremony will follow after the conclusion of the 24, 12 hour and 6 hour events at 7:30 AM Sunday morning.

NO CUTTING THE CURVES. You must STAY OUTSIDE the cones or markers on the curves. The layout of the course at Nardini Manor is such that you would have to be pretty devious to cheat. Nonetheless, if you cut the curves you will be disqualified.

It is your responsibility to know the rules. They exist to provide a good experience for all runners. If you are caught cheating you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed at future Aravaipa Running events.

Course etiquette does not require lone runners to yield the inside lane to runners wanting to pass, regardless of whether the one being passed is running or walking at the time. It is assumed that each participant is there to do his or her best, and has an equal right to pursue personal goals. In a race of this type, it is to be expected that even the best will walk for periods of time, particularly those in the longer races. Always pass others on the outside if they are on the inside lane.

An exception to this policy is the case of two or more persons running or walking together. Persons traveling around the trail in groups should always leave an inside channel open so faster runners do not have to travel far to the outside to get around them.

In all cases, remember to show common courtesy, and that most of us run for the enjoyment and thrill of the experience.


Please respect Nardini Manor and the Wrublik family by disposing of any trash at our aid station or designated receptacles in the recreation area.

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