2016-17 Desert Runner Trail Series Final Standings

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With more than 400 runners braving the first wave of desert heat at Mesquite Canyon we have closed this year’s edition of the Desert Runner Trail Series. I received multiple emails from runners asking about the series and whether they needed to “clear up their schedule” to come out and race with the opportunity to make the podium. Hopefully you were out there to stake your claim within the running community!

All picture credit goes to Melissa & SweetM Images!

Without further ado we present you the winners….drumroll please…

Trail Series – Women’s Open Division

1. Kori Krichko – Aravaipa Racing Team
2. Erin Kennedy*
3. Carmen Enns

Trail Series – Women’s Master’s Division (40+)

1. Marisa Jenkins – Aravaipa Ambassador
2. Jill Futia
3. Adela Salt – Aravaipa Racing Team


Trail Series – Men’s Open Division

1. Travis Swaim – Aravaipa Racing Team
2. Kevin Tuck*
3. Anthony Tadajewski*

Trail Series –Men’s Master’s Division (40+)

1. David Santiago
2. Raymond Pierce
3. Joe Labrie

Ultra Series – Women’s Open Division

1. Lisa Moore
2. Lisa Buzzeo
3. Michelle Wagher* – Aravaipa Ambassador

Ultra Series – Women’s Master’s Division

1. Diana Sigrist
2. Jean Watson
3. Debora Gama Lima

Ultra Series – Men’s Open Division

1. Rob Gray*
2. Geoffrey Foote*
3. Michael Miller*

Ultra Series – Men’s Masters Division

1. Chris Haines
2. Steve Deluna
3. Bill Nictakis

*All finishers with an asterisk at the end of their name would have qualified for the Master’s Division however, their scores were higher than any other runners within the series and will receive their award in the Open Division. The Master’s Division awards on a “next male/female up” system.

Next up, come join us for the award ceremony and more at our Dam Good Run on Sunday, April 23rd, at the Lake Pleasant Regional Park!

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  1. A-team, thx again! Happy to make 3rd Place Finish in Mens Masters 40+ Division and, if I am reading right, award ceremony follows Dam Run event? Just want to confirm that detail 🙂

    Thank you,
    Joe LaBrie

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