Javelina Jangover Race Recap 2016

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Get Jungover Last night was filled with crop tops, pizza, beer, the first of two trail parties this season and oh some night running. The Javelina Jangover Night Runs is the prequel to the much larger trail running party in the desert Javelina Jundred (coming to Fountain Hills, AZ this October …

Michael Versteeg

Michael Versteeg, Silverton Alpine Marathon, Male Champion 2016

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Michael Versteeg Melia Coury: Alright, I’m Melia Coury sitting here with Michael Versteeg, the Whiskey Man and you just won the Silverton Alpine Marathon. Michael Versteeg: Oh yeah, I did. Melia: Yeah, that happened today. Versteeg: Yep, it was fun. It’s been a long week but I’m glad I did …