Michael Versteeg

Michael Versteeg, Silverton Alpine Marathon, Male Champion 2016

Melia Coury Post-Race Interview %s Comments

Michael Versteeg Melia Coury: Alright, I’m Melia Coury sitting here with Michael Versteeg, the Whiskey Man and you just won the Silverton Alpine Marathon. Michael Versteeg: Oh yeah, I did. Melia: Yeah, that happened today. Versteeg: Yep, it was fun. It’s been a long week but I’m glad I did …

Taylor Nowlin

Kendall Mountain Run 2016: Post-Race Interview: Taylor Nowlin

Melia Coury Post-Race Interview %s Comments

Taylor Nowlin Melia Coury: I’m here with Taylor Nowlin and she just placed third at the 2016 Kendall Mountain Run, congratulations. Taylor: Thank you. M: And this is even your first time to Silverton? Originally from Oregon and recently moved to Colorado. T: Yep, drove to Silverton last night got …