New 6 Day Work Exchange Program

The Across The Years footrace is excited to announce the creation of a new work exchange program for the 2017-18 race. This exciting program will bring in up to six volunteer athletes to both work and participate in the 6 day race this year.

We are seeking enthusiastic participants who are looking to not only give back to the running community but also to participate themselves. It is a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to attend the 6 day but may not be able to afford the entry fee. Selected applicants to the program will receive entry into the 6 day foot race, meals, a tent onsite and ability to earn a buckle for completion of 100 miles or more on the race course.

Participants in the program will be expected to work an 8 hour shift each of the six days of the event. Duties may include cooking, serving food at the aid station, swapping out trash bags and tidying up restrooms. The rest of the time you are free to accumulate miles, sleep, hang out or whatever you would like to do.

We have up to six positions available for the program this year and selections will be made based upon the submission of an application.

To find out full details you can visit our webpage and submit an application.

Thank you for the interest!

-The Across The Years Team