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Across The Years is a fixed-time event featuring several race options.
The object is to travel as far as possible in the time allotted.

  1. The 6-day race begins on December 28, 2017 and ends on January 3, 2018.
  2. The 72-hour race begins on December 29, 2017 and ends on January 1, 2018. You may also elect to start December 28, December 30 or December 31. Results from all starts will be combined in the final standings, and awards will be given out based upon standings on January 3.
  3. The 48-hour race begins on December 30, 2017 and ends on January 1, 2018. You may also elect to start on December 28, December 29, December 31 or January 1. Results from all starts will be combined in the final standings, and awards will be given out based upon standings on January 3.
  4. The 24-hour race begins on December 31, 2017 and ends January 1, 2018. You may also elect to start on December 28, December 29, December 30, January 1 or January 2. Results from all six starts will be combined in the final standings, and awards will be given out based upon standings on January 3.
All races begin and end at 9:00 AM MST.


Across the Years will be held at Camelback Ranch – Glendale, located in Phoenix, Arizona. the spring training facilities for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox.

10710 West Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85037
(click for map)

Camelback Ranch is a state-of-the-art spring training facility for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox.  It opened in March 2009, and features lush greenery, a lake with waterfall, and smooth dirt and gravel walking paths.  The race route is a USATF certified 1689.5 meter (1.0498 mile) loop consisting of 85% dirt paths and 15% asphalt/concrete.  The track averages 10-20 feet in width, with a minimum width of 8 feet. Gaiters are recommended.  The facility is only a few miles away from the Westgate City Center, home of the University of Phoenix stadium, shopping, and other attractions.


Due to Camelback Ranch policies, no smoking and no pets (see more below) are allowed on the premises.

Pets are only allowed in the dirt lot. They must remain on a leash and with the owner at all times when outside of an RV or vehicle. Owners are responsible for following park facility rules and picking up after their pets. Thank you for your cooperation.

Driving to Camelback Ranch from Sky Harbor Airport

Exit the airport going west on the I-10 freeway.  Continue on the freeway for approximately 15 miles, then head north on the Loop-101 freeway.  Head north three miles and take the Camelback Road exit, then head west for approximately 1.5 miles.  Turn north at the light onto Ball Park Blvd.  The entrance to Camelback Ranch will be half a mile up the road.  Follow the parking lot around to the east side of the complex to the grassy field that is the runner area.  Drive takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Staging Area

The race staging area is a 170,000 square foot grassy field, where runners can set up tables, tents, and personal items for the race.  It is a perfect area to sleep during the race.  An additional dirt lot on the south side of the course is available for runners to park their cars, trucks, campers, or RV’s along the course for quick access during the race.


Shower facilities are available on-site in the visitors locker rooms, and will be open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM each morning of the races.

Heating Tent

Even in Arizona, winter nights can get cold, sometimes below freezing! We will have a 20 foot by 20 foot warming tent available for runners to get out of the cold for a while, situated near the aid station tent and runner area. There will be chairs in this tent, but no cots or sleeping bags.

Heating Tent + Cots

There will be a warming tent with cots located in the back dirt parking lot directly off the course. Cots are available for rent with registration. Cots will be pre-assigned and tent is NOT gender segregated. The warming tent with cots will NOT have lighting as it is meant for sleep – we will setup a small table with handheld flashlights right inside the tent for navigation after dark.

Camping and Other Sleeping Accommodations

Camping during the event is permitted in both the grassy race staging area as well as the dirt lots on the south and east side of the course.  Neither of these areas are covered, and runners are encouraged to bring their own tents, canopies or RV’s (for the south lot).  There is no additional charge for camping when you bring your own tent, but runners flying in from out of state may rent tents, cots and sleeping bags with registration  See the Hotels and Restaurants page for information about accommodations and other facilities in the area.

Participants may begin setting up on Friday, December 27 and may sleep overnight before the December 28 start.  Please be aware that the facilities will not be open and no permanent restrooms or showers will be available (we will have portable restrooms).  Camelback Ranch has been kind enough to grant us these uses, but anything set up before the race will not be supervised and will be the responsibility of the runner.

There will be quiet hours in place from 8am each evening until 8am the following morning. Meaning, no loud music from our speaker systems and we ask all runners/crew to be conscious that others are attempting to sleep. Exception: We will absolutely party and celebrate the New Year at midnight December 31 – January 1.

Rules and Etiquette

Races begin each day promptly at 9:00 AM MST. If you arrive late for the start of your race you may still compete, but the time you’ve missed is lost and cannot be made up. A pre-race meeting will take place each day at 8:50 AM. At the 9:00 AM start, you will begin circling the course. Thereafter, you will change direction every four hours (at 1:00 PM, 5:00 PM, etc.). Many runners find this helps minimize overuse injuries as weight is shifted a bit differently on the curves. Furthermore, you may feel as though the scenery has changed. You may leave the track at any time.  When you return, resume travel at the same place you left and continue in the direction you were traveling before, even if others are traveling the opposite direction.  When you pass the main timing point at the start line, continue in the same direction as the rest of the competitors.  In this way, you will always complete laps of the correct distance.  Please do not leave the track near the start line, to avoid the timing system picking up a false lap.

Remember, there are no DNFs in a fixed-time track race. The objective is only to go as far as you can (or desire) in the allotted time. Of course, the more time you spend moving forward on the track, the more distance you will accumulate. If you wish to stop completely well before the official end of your race, inform the race director, or whoever is in the timing booth at the time, that you are quitting or leaving early. The event ends at exactly 9:00:00 A.M. on the day your particular fixed time event ends.

The layout of the course of Camelback Ranch is such that the course is not always the shortest path, and the shortest path is not always the inside border. The course will be marked along the borders with cones, flags, and other markers, and all runners must stay within the race course at all times when traveling along the course.  If you cut the curves, you will be disqualified. It is your responsibility to know the rules. They exist to provide a good experience for all runners. If you are caught cheating you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed at future ATY events. Track etiquette does not require lone runners to yield the inside lane to runners wanting to pass, regardless of whether the one being passed is running or walking at the time. It is assumed that each participant is there to do his or her best, and has an equal right to pursue personal goals. In a race of this type, it is to be expected that even the best will walk for periods of time, particularly those in the longer races. Always pass others on the outside if they are on the inside lane. An exception to this policy is the case of two or more persons running or walking together. Persons traveling around the track in groups should always leave an inside channel open so faster runners do not have to travel far to the outside to get around them. In all cases, remember to show common courtesy, and that most of us run for the enjoyment and thrill of the experience. In addition to this general rule, we ask that you please travel single file through the section of gravel path along the lake on the inside of the facility and make sure there is ample room for runners to pass here.

Some runners use their effort to raise money for charities.  Across The Years does not endorse any particular charity, but will fully support and applaud you if you do with documentation of your run. The race director would like to be aware of charity fund-raising, as it helps with public relations when we get covered by the media.


Pacing & Guest Laps

Across The Years encourages family and friends to be a part of the race and support all runners.  However, due to the policies of Camelback Ranch, limited track space/width, and respect for the participants, pacers are not allowed in the traditional sense common to fixed distance ultra running events.  Yet, family and friends are an important part of the race, and are often eager to see the course and do a lap with their runner.  In this spirit, the following arrangements have been made for the :

1. A total of 10 (ten) guest bibs will be available at the race this year (located near the timing tent).  Family and friends wishing to do a lap with their runner may check out one of the bibs and accompany their runner for a lap, then check the bib back in.  One guest may accompany a runner at a time, and must yield to all race participants.  Any person inside the Camelback Ranch complex must be wearing a bib. The purpose of the guest bib is to allow family and friends a chance to see the entire course at Camelback Ranch, not to provide a means for “pacing” a runner.

2. Pacing is not allowed in the traditional sense often seen in many other ultra distance events.  Runners with guests accompanying them for multiple laps or multiple times a day will be asked to stop, as this is not in the spirit of the fixed time format at Across The Years.  If someone wishes to spend extended periods on the course, they are encouraged to sign up themselves!

The only exception to this policy will be the implementation of the “night bib”.  We will have up to 30 (thirty) of these available from Midnight to 6:00 AM each night. Family and friends may check out a night bib and accompany their runner for more than one lap at a time during this “slow” period when there aren’t very many other runners on the track.  We understand it can get lonely out there in the early hours of the morning!  If all 30 bibs are checked out at some point and there are guests waiting, we will ask guests to take turns in the order in which they checked out bibs. Race directors reserve the right to limit the number of “night bibs” available at any point in time and to ask guests who have checked out the bibs to leave the course at any time.

3. Any runner seeking a record must never have a non-participant accompany them, per USATF and IAU rules.  Any runner seeking a record is encouraged to be familiar with rules regarding these matters.


Your time and distance for each completed lap will be recorded automatically using an electronic chip based timing system. You will be issued a timing transponder that is worn around the ankle. It is the runners’ responsibility to have the chip on their person at all times! Laps done without a chip are not counted by the timing system. There are no exceptions!  A secondary timing system will be placed halfway around the track to verify laps completed.  Up-to-date lap totals will be displayed instantaneously when runners cross the start line, and a leader board will be available with places and totals for all runners on a separate monitor. Additionally, updates will be broadcast to the race Web site every few seconds during the race. Invite your friends to watch your progress online during your run! If you believe that you might set a state, national or international record, we ask that you please inform race management prior to the race and when you are nearing your mark.

Setting Records

Across The Years is run on a certified course. Record setting performances will be recognized as official by record-keeping institutions if their guidelines are followed. Race results will be forwarded to the Arizona state record keeper who will then forward them to the national record keeper. The state record keeper will update or establish official state records for each of the three events. In order to be eligible for a certified record, you must do three things:

  1. Inform the race director of your intent to pursue a record. There is a place on the registration form to do this, but you may decide any time before the race begins.
  2. Start and finish the race at the designated times, though you need not be on the track when the race ends.
  3. Do not use a pacer at any time. If you have questions, please ask a race official beforehand.


At Across The Years, we host a fully stocked aid station 24 hours a day.  We will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day in addition to having many of the traditional staple items available at all our events.  Staple items include peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, bean roll-ups, cookies, candies, coffee, soda and sports drinks.  We also have snack items offered on different days at various times in between our traditional meals like M & M pancakes, French toast sticks, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit smoothies, sushi and late-night spring rolls.  Breakfast is served in two stages, early in the morning (pre-dawn) with pancakes or French toast sticks, then again around 10 am with some type of an egg or tofu item (except for the first day).  Lunch is usually a type of sandwich or wrap or chili or hot dog.  Dinners have consisted of items like lasagna, tamales, pizza or burritos.

A “tentative” menu will be posted in December.  We reserve the right to adjust the menu even after it is posted.  We will notify you accordingly at the race.  Last year we made adjustments to our menu to accommodate our runner needs as the race ensued.

It is impossible to supply food that caters to every individual taste, but we will do our best to meet the general needs of our runners.  We typically work at providing meals with meat and vegan or vegetarian options.  We are familiar with many special food needs and philosophies including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and meat needs.  If you have a specific food allergy, please make us aware of it and we will try to provide options for you.

If you desire specific types of food and drink to meet your individual needs, please bring them along with your normal race gear.


There will be EMT or Paramedic available throughout the event in the first aid tent located next to the aid station.  In addition to providing basic life support services, they will be handling foot taping and blister care during the event if you should need some assistance.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are only allowed for runners age 70+ or with special permission by race management prior to the start of the event.


Current Forecast for Phoenix, Arizona
The Phoenix metropolitan area is blessed with mild winter temperatures. Nevertheless, daytime temperatures have been known to reach the 70’s and 80’s during previous stagings of Across The Years.  Fluid replacement is critical during the day. Although there will be little chance of snow, it’s not impossible, and nighttime temperatures can still dip below freezing. You will need some warm clothes — tights, gloves, hat, etc. Note: Temperatures have spanned from 20 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit in past events. Some years we have had torrential rain for up to 24 hours straight. Plan ahead and prepare for the unexpected!


The awards ceremony will be held shortly following the end of the races at 11AM on January 3rd.  The ceremony will be held in the main stadium grandstands (west of the runner area) by the North dugout with a catered meal for runners and crews.  There is no fee and everyone is welcome!  Runners finishing on days prior to January 3rd may pick up their finisher glass and buckle when they finish their races.  All runners are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony on January 3 for the overall awards and recognition of each runner.

All runners will receive a glass mug finisher award (even if you leave your event early!).  Runners achieving distance standards will additionally receive the following:

  1. If you complete 100 miles you will receive an antique bronze/copper buckle.
  2. If you complete 200 miles you will receive a larger antique silver buckle.
  3. If you complete 300 miles you will receive a larger antique gold buckle.
  4. If you complete 400, 500 or 600 miles you will now also receive a buckle with your mileage tier.

If you are the overall male or female winner you will receive an attractive piece of art sculpted by ATY runner Burke Painter. The 2nd & 3rd place overall male & female in each race (24, 48 & 72 hour) will also receive an award.

You may enter any race to qualify for any buckle offered. As we have since 2004, ATY will continue to present progressive achievement awards to runners who have accumulated 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4,000 (+) miles total over all the ATY races in which they have participated.

Race Day Info

The morning of the race can be a busy time full of preparation before the event begins.  The following information will serve to make race morning as smooth as possible.


Runners are allowed to begin setting up their personal equipment on December 27th for all races.  Runners may also set up cars and RVs on the south side of the course in the dirt parking lot at this time.


The parking entrance is located on the north side of the property on 111th Ave./Ballpark Blvd. north of Camelback Road. When you proceed north on 111th Ave./Ballpark Blvd. continue all the way around to the far north side of the property and follow the “Across The Years” signs to the parking area directly adjacent to the race start. Plan to give yourself enough time to park and set up your supplies.

Checking In

Check-in will be held on December 27 at Camelback Ranch near the race start from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.  Additionally, runners can check in each morning of the race from 7:00 to 9:00 AM at the same location.  All runners must check in prior to the event start. Each runner will receive a race packet with any race goodies they’ve paid for, race bib attached to a bib belt, as well as their timing transponder and strap which will be worn around the ankle.

We will have people on-site each day during the race until about 10pm who will be able to help with bib pickup outside of regular pickup hours. If you arrive between 10pm-7am (overnight) we will not have anyone available to help with bib pickup until we open the registration tent the next morning.

More Information

The best way to prepare for an event such as Across The Years is to talk to someone who has done it. We recommend you follow the Across The Years Page on Facebook where you may talk about the race among participants both experienced and new. In addition, we have accumulated a treasure trove of stories and pictures from previous ATY events. Supplementary information for your enlightenment and edification has been provided in the FAQ. We invite you to explore, and if you are an ultra runner looking for a unique experience, to mark your calendars and make plans to be with us at one of the greatest parties for runners in the United States. If you can’t be here to run, then join us during the race for the webcast.

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