Course Information

The course at Camelback Ranch is a USATF certified 1689.5 meter (1.0498 mile) loop, certification number AZ11005GAN.  It consists of primarily gravel paths (0.90 mile) with short sections of asphalt (0.12 mile) and concrete (0.03 mile).  The path averages 10-20 feet wide, with a short section that narrows to about 8 feet wide. Features include desert landscaping, lush greenery, and a lake with waterfall.

The surface is not completely smooth as much of the route is gravel and/or dirt. There are natural waves and bumps along the way.

The course will be lit with a combination of permanent and temporary lights.  No light will be needed to navigate the course at night although you may want a light for accessing items in your tent or at your table.

How flat is Camelback Ranch?

This is one of the most frequent questions asked for short looped courses.  After all, runners will be circling the course over and over again!  The course is on the ‘flatter’ end of looped courses, but don’t come expecting a quarter mile track.  The outer road section slopes only a few feet over a half mile, while the inner paths contain more variation.  The most significant hill is on the north side of the lake and rises approximately 5 feet over the course of a few hundred feet.  Early on, the course will seem flat and fast.  However, the 6 day and 72 hour runners will readily recall their many battles with “Camelback Mountain” late in the race.

Aid Station

There is one fully stocked and staffed aid station neat the start/finish area that will be serving up snacks, meals, fluids and more during the duration of the races. An additional liquid-only station will be located at the south gate and second timing point on the course (at the half way point of the loop). The South Gate will have water, Gatorade, sodas and any other electrolyte beverage we have for the event. Our aid station follows all Maricopa County Environmental Health Department regulations and has a valid food permit.

There will be meals prepared throughout the day and night as well as vegetarian and vegan options being made available.

Course Photos

Pictures of the course can be viewed here.

Course Map

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Course Video

A video preview of the course can be seen below, or see it here in HD.

Surface Breakdown (Detail)

Hard Packed Gravel Road – 1.14 km (68%)
Asphalt – 0.19 km (12%)
Concrete – 0.05 km (3%)
Packed Gravel Trail – 0.29 km (18%)
Here is a description and photos of each type of surface and how they hold up to rain and inclement weather:
Hard Packed Gravel Road – This is a very hard packed gravel topped road that is used to drive vehicles on around the outside of the ball park complex.  This surface will stand up very well to rains and water. There is not much dirt or mud to be expected.
Asphalt – Typical blacktop road surface, no issue with heavy rains.
Hard Packed Trail – This short stretch travels around the lake section of the course and would be the only concern since vehicles are not regularly driven on this section.  The park does have landscaping carts that do drive on this section, so it has been built with hard packed gravel, so it may be a bit soft in areas, but should not produce a lot of mud.