One of the best ways to prepare for a multiday race is to read the experiences of others. What follows is a list of links to various stories of past editions of Across the Years,including several written by Lynn Newton, ATY’s webmaster for several years. More will be added if readers send us links to materials.


2015 Across The Years Report Sarah Emoto’s race report.


2014 Across The Years Report Cliff Lange’s race report.


2013 Across The Years 48 Hour Race: Running Into New Experiences Kelly Agnew’s race report.
FlintLand: The Story of My Very Unlikely First 100 Miler Flint Bordeaux’s race report.
Hurrah! The 6 Days Are Back! Martina Haussman’s race report.
Across The Year’s Race – Phoenix Pierre Marcoux’s 24 hour race report.


Joe Fejes Sets 72-Hour Mark of 329 Miles Runner’s World Article.
Joe Fejes Breaks Yiannis Kouros’ Record Running Times Article.
Across The Years 2012, 72hr footrace, Phoenix, Arizona Jennifer Bradley’s race report.
Reminiscing 2012 and Across The Years Race Chris Brill’s race report.
Across the Year’s 48 hour race Davy Crockett’s race report.
Episode 2 Across the Years 24 Hour Race Report and Review DFL Ultrarunning.
How to Run Over 300 Miles in 3 Days Joe Fejes’ race report.
Across the Years and New Years Eve Nicole Foster’s race report.
Across The Years 100 Mile Race Report Holly Miller’s race report.
Across the Years, Day 3: Trying to scare the bejesus out of Joe Fejes! Eoin Keith’s race report.
Across The Years – Glendale, Arizona – December 29-30, 2012 Michael Saporito’s race report.
Across The Years 72/48/24hr Ian Sharman’s race report.

Across The Years 24 Hour Race- December 29-30, 2012
Eric Sherman’s race report.
What the hell is Across The Years? Patrick Sweeney’s race report.
Across The Years – 2012 My First Official Ultra-Marathon A Mile With Colby’s race report.
Winner, Winner… Chicken Dinner! Shawna Wentlandt’s race report.


Across The Years 48 Hour 2011-2012 Sarah Duncan’s reflection on a well executed race.
Across The Years 72 Hour: 150 Miles Steven Tursi’s race report.
Davy Crockett: ATY 48 Hour Davy Crockett returns to ATY.
ATY 2011: The Agony and Ecstacy of the Feet George Biondic’s premature defeat.
Stepping up to the 72 Hour Joe Fejes and his winning 72 hour run.


ATY 2010: A New Year Surprise George Biondic’s unplanned victory in the 72 hour.
Davy Crockett’s 2010 48-Hour Report Davy Crockett’s surprise victory.
Really? Did That Just Happen? Melissa Williams’ run for 2nd place.
Steve Tursi’s 2010 72-Hour Report Steve Tursi’s quest to run 100 miles.
The Tempest Lynn Newton’s struggle with the harsh weather.
Across The Years 48 Hour Race Report Sarah Duncan’s recounting of her 48 hour race.


Tony Mangan’s 2007 48-Hour Report Tony Mangan’s enjoyable account of his friendly but serious battle with John Geesler in 2007.
Terminator Terminated Martina Hausmann’s hilarious account of the 2007 race.


Tony Mangan’s Report Tony Mangan, second in the 72-hour race, put forth an outstanding effort to go head to head with John Geesler. Although he came in second, the result was still an outstanding effort.
A Family Affair The 2006 race was especially for long-time ATY runners.


ATY 2005 — The Webmaster’s Overview An objective overview of the race, submitted to Ultrarunning magazine (but not published).
ATY 2005 — A Personal View The author blows up this time.


200 Miles or Bust The author surpasses himself.


A Quarter Million Steps to Success The author’s best run ever.

Across the Years 12-Hour Trial Night Run Laura Nagy’s story of the night we inaugurated the new track at Nardini Manor.
12-Hour Trial Night Run Pictures Many pictures from the 12-Hour Night trial run.


From Despair to Ecstasy Story of a good start, failure, disappointment, and ultimate triumph over 72 hour in 2002
Slide show from 2002 Collection of 42 slides from the 2002 72-hour race


Geezer’s Greatest Grind The tale of a first time attempt at 72 hours.
Slide show from 2001 This assembly of 126 images from the 72-hour race in 2001 are overall the best of any that are linked to from this site.


Geezer Goes Gonzo A first attempt at 48 hours. On the last day Ann Trason showed up and broke five national records before going down in flames.
Slide show from 2000 We had good weather this year.


Running Through the Millennium A full-length book written in 1999 by Lynn David Newton about training for and running his first 24-hour race. The most interesting material to ATY first-timers will be from the middle of chapter 9 to the end.
Slide show from 1999 These slides were taken during the race described in Running Through the Millennium, but were not in the book.