Crown King Scramble

Aravaipa Trail Talk – Episode 002 – Crown King Scramble

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In this episode of Aravaipa Trail Talk we speak with Kate Hansen who not only ran the very first Crown King Scramble back in 1986 but is running again this year. She shares with us some insights from that very first year which was supported by a couple friends on motorcycles and was dubbed the “Crown King Mud Scramble” as well as her tips for getting up the hill for first timers. [mc4wp_form id=”7105″]

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Aravaipa Trail Talk – Episode 001 – Barkley Marathons

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We’ve started a new podcast show that will feature a new topic each episode relating to trail running. We want your questions! Ask us on social media with the hashtag #asktrail and you may be featured on the next episode! In our first show, we talk about the upcoming Barkley Marathons and answer YOUR questions.   Barkley Marathons Each year in April, 40 athletes come from around the world to compete at the Barkley Marathons. It begins between midnight and …

white tank mountain trail

Mesquite Canyon Evolves

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I’ve been camping and backpacking in the White Tank Mountains east of Phoenix most of my life. It all started with a couple of trips a year with my Boy Scout troop. We’d do day hikes with fully loaded backpacks as training prep leading up to our annual trip to Havasupai Canyon. Our packs which back in the day were upwards of 40 or 50 pounds, you know, the ones with big metal frames that you’d bungee down a sleeping pad and …