Jowl At The Full Moon – Javelina Night Run 2012

Jamil Coury Race Report 1 Comment

What began as an informal full moon night training run for the Javelina Jundred, has evolved into an event all its own.  I ran the Javelina Night Run back in 2005 when it was a completely self supported affair, loosely organized by Javelina Jundred founder and race director Geri Kilgariff.  It was my first true night trail run and I remember the magic and adventure of running around the Pemberton Trail under the full moon with friends. Coyotes were howling, I could …

mogollon monster

The Moments I Live For Part II – Mogollon Monster 106

Jamil Coury Race Report 7 Comments

All we could do was laugh out loud as we trudged and waded our way through a chest high sea of grasses which had completely covered up what was left of the eroded, rocky and deteriorated Highline Trail.  It was dark and eerie, with a full moon overhead and who knows what types of creatures rustling in the bushes all around us. Any attempt at running was futile as we would either roll an ankle on a hidden rock, slip …