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Aravaipa Trail Talk – Episode 014- Squirrel’s Nut Butter

Melia Coury Aravaipa Trail Talk 1 Comment

Making Anti-Chafing Cool: Squirrel’s Nut Butter The Aravaipa Running truck turned onto a peaceful street pulling to a stop in front of a charming home. Soon a bubbly black dog bounced into the front yard beckoning us to join him. This greeting from their dog Happie perfectly embodied the animal’s namesake. We traveled to their backyard, through the back gate onto a trail and wandered over to a fallen tree. The wind blowing through the pine trees accompanied by birds …

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Aravaipa Trail Talk – Episode 013 – Pizzicletta

Melia Coury Aravaipa Trail Talk 0 Comments

Pizza Making: A Trail Running Metaphor The smell of yeast rising filled the air as a larger than normal entourage filled the small, corner pizzeria. There was the owner, Caleb Schiff and his employee, Jamil Coury (of course), Michael (camera man) and his wife Lori, Nathan and Antonio from Freak Brothers Pizza and me. This historic building once housed a textile factory; most of the industrial décor shows the love of the past with exposed brick and original flooring. Charmingly …

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Aravaipa Trail Talk – Episode 012 – Crews & Pacers

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Episode #012 of Trail Talk. Everything you need to know about crews, pacers, and answers to your questions! Beginner Guide: Crewing and Pacing at an Ultra Marathon Race What is a crew? Normally they are friends or family members that help you as a runner along the journey of your race. In ultra races there are designated spots where crew are allowed to meet the runners during the race. It can vary by race but is normally around 6 to …